12 ideas for those who want to lose weight , but it’s a bit lazy

February 27, 2018 By admin

12 ideas for those who want to lose weight , but it’s a bit lazy

It happens to everyone: there are days when we would even like to move the body, but the desire to stay at home is greater

1. Do exercises in front of the TV

Watch episodes of your favorite series while walking on the treadmill  or do some reps with dumbbells.

2. Cook everything together

Prepare all the meals of the week and freeze them to ensure a healthier meal – and less caloric – during the week.

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3. Use non-stick cookware

This type of utensil dispenses the oil and olive oil. That is, fewer calories in the dish!

4. Rest the cutlery on the table

“So it’s time for you to chew well and make sure your brain understands that you’re already satisfied,” explains Ana Luisa Vilela, a nutrologist from São Paulo.

5. Take the clutch out of the cabinet

Holding the bag without a handle at parties filled with tempting snacks makes you reduce the capacity of appetizers you can hold in your hands.

6. Brush your teeth

But just after the main course! “This is a great tactic to reduce the urge to devour ultra- caloric desserts ,” says Ana Luisa.

7. Play video game

“Invest in games that mix large movements and dance,” says Ana Luisa. Option we tested: Just Dance .

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8. Order delivery

But only if it is healthy! Call only restaurants that specialize in lighter meals.

9. Buy ready-made snacks

Why go to the corner cafe if you have an individual portion of the oilseed mix at your fingertips, stored in the drawer? Keeping the pantry full of good options will save you time by going shopping.

10. Use technology

Download on your phone applications that calculate the caloric value of your meals and the  steps taken in the day. By tracking these numbers, it is easier to reach your goal.

11. Turn on the air conditioner

In cold environments, the body spends more calories  to keep its internal temperature in balance.

12. Sleep as needed

“A good night’s rest regulates the hormones that act directly in the process of slimming, ” says the specialist.


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