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13 Reasons Why Writer Accused of Sexual Harassment

Jay Asher was expelled from a literary association after the charges

Jay Asher , the writer of the book The 13 Whys , which inspired the series 13 Reasons Why , of Netflix , was expelled from an association of professional writers after harassment charges. According to the Associated Press news agency, the Society of Writers and Illustrators of Children’s Books (SCBWI) expelled Asher last year after the author allegedly violated the association’s harassment rules. Although the controversy took place last year, it only came to light now. Tense, right?

Both Jay Asher and (illustrator) David Diaz violated SCBWI’s code of conduct regarding harassment,” a statement from association director Lin Oliver told the Associated Press. “The accusations against them are being investigated and, therefore, they are no longer members of the Society nor will they appear at events organized by it in the future,” he added.

It is not known exactly what Asher is being accused of, but according to BuzzFeed News , the allegations have come through various anonymous emails sent to the Society. The writer, however, denied the allegations and said he was not expelled from SCBWI, but decided to leave her after “harassing” the people who made the denunciations “about 10 years ago.” “I had relationships with grown-ups, and they ended years ago,” Asher said. He also said that he felt as if he had been “thrown on a bus” by the Society.

Despite the writer’s statements, the director of SCBWI said they investigated the case. “After investigations, we believe that finalizing his association with the Society was the best thing to do. We have always been very careful about issues related to sexual harassment and we have a zero tolerance policy on it, but clearly our policies did not prevent violations, so we are taking this opportunity to review our guidelines, “he told BuzzFeed.

A representative from Netflix said that Jay Asher was not involved in the creative process of the second season of 13 Reasons Why and that, therefore, the series will not be affected with the allegations in any way.


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