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How To Assemble Your Kettle Without Harming Your Health

Nutritionist gives easy tips for anyone who wants to bring their own food to work

For those who work out, lunchtime always raises the question of ” eating out or taking pots ?”. So know that opting for the kettle is practical, fast and very healthy. Taking your own food, you save money, you are sure that your food is really healthy and well prepared and still manages to control your food.

The nutritionist Mariana Parra , from Space Agir – Psychology and Wellness, gives you tips for opting for the kettle in your day to day:

  • Separate food always. Salads should be taken apart. Do not mix hot and cold foods;
  • Always prioritize colors, bring a colorful kettle. Since you will prepare your food, enjoy and invest in a healthier diet. Nothing better than a super salad to vary in color;
  • Attention to storage. Always prefer glass jars because they do not release toxic substances when taken to the microwave. Pay attention to a good seal so as not to run the risk of a leak.

Here are some possible combinations for the work pot:

  • Proteins with vegetables and rice, and you can always vary the vegetables, for example, carrots, cabbage, eggplant, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, cabbage, spinach, pod, okra, etc .;
  • Always prefer a lean protein without frying, it will be much lighter to consume and easier to store, ie, grilled in water, steamed or oven such as fish, chicken breast, duckling, lizard, soft lump baits;
  • Abuse of leaves, raw salads in pot _ mix some nuts to contribute to satiety;
  • For seasoning, salt with pinch of sea salt and a string of olive oil only;
  • With vegetables, the steam will preserve more nutrients. Add only one strand of olive oil in the pot;
  • For carbohydrates , prefer brown rice and cooked tubers;
  • natural sandwich is also a very practical option, especially with wrapped whole: leaves / tomato / carrot grated / shredded chicken and olive oil;
  • Omelet and crepioca also save at the time of hunger and help to suppress hunger: natural eggs / seasonings / cherry tomatoes minced and cheese balls with olive oil. For the tapioca, associate tapioca gum in the preparation.


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