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The Best Beauty Products For Up To 50 Reais In 2017

Skin Care

The Best Beauty Products For Up To 50 Reais In 2017

admin February 16, 2018

Items Up To $ 50 Were The Winners Of The 2017 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award.

1. Capillary Moisturizing Spray

For curly hair, curly hair, curly hair or in transition always look beautiful!

Spray #todecacho Coconut Water, Salon Line, $ 9

2. Pre-shampoo

With jojoba beads, gently exfoliate the scalp and prepare the wires for hydration.

Pre-Shampoo Exfoliating, Phytoervas, R $ 24

3. Micellar water

Made for sensitive skin, it eliminates traces of make, dirt and oiliness without irritating.

Micellar Water Kind to Skin, Simple, R $ 30

4. Cuticle cream

Secret to make the manicure last longer.

Tododia Wax and Cuticle Wax Tododia Plum and Cherry Blossom, Natura, R $ 28

5. Body Butter

Reinforces the barrier of skin protection and softens.

Glycerin Nourishing Cream, Granado, R $ 50

6. Red Lipstick

Color is a must have and liquid texture , trend for several seasons. Matte x Vinyl: See with Avon the differences and ruin your choice. Sponsored 

Ebony Red Lipstick Matefx, Eudora, R $ 36

7. Drying agent for pimples

With salicylic acid, it controls oiliness while covering imperfections.

Corrective Antiacne, Neutrogena, R $ 50

Imported with incredible price:

To pack the summer, how about a floral eau de toilette with tropical footprint and notes of vanilla and coconut for that price?

Polynesian Island Tiaré, The Body Shop, $ 80

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