Can babies and toddlers have tea?

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Can babies and toddlers have tea?

It depends on the age and type of tea. Check which ones are released and which ones should be avoided:

When the child is restless, agitated, and having difficulty sleeping, one of the first solutions that comes through the heads of parents is to offer tea to help calm it. If the case is tummy ache, indigestion or even colic , there is always someone who suggests hot, herbal drink to relieve discomfort. It is part of the culture of our country.

However, it is important to know that not all teas are released for infants and toddlers . What’s more, just like other fluids, including water, they should only be introduced after the first six months of life, a period in which the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding . “The anti-infective protective effect of breast milk, against diarrhea and pneumonia, for example, decreases when the child receives any other food, including water and teas, “explains the pediatrician Filumena Gomes, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University .In addition, the volume of breast milk ingested by the baby also decreases when other fluids are introduced, regardless of the number of feedings. Still, it is not every family that complies with the WHO recommendation. “In America, ,before the age of six months, about 20% of children already receive tea or water,” Filumena adds.

After the first half of life, teas, like water, can be introduced into the baby’s diet. The patient should be kept on a supplementary basis until 2 years of age. Herb-grass, chamomile, herb-mint and mint are among the most popular herbs and can be offered to infants as infusion without contraindications. ” Caffeine-containing tea is also avoided because of the caffeine content, ” says the pediatrician, because in addition to causing irritability and disrupting sleep quality, caffeine-containing teas also make it difficult to absorb iron and zinc, two minerals essential for children.The first is important to prevent anemia and the second for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Can you sweeten it?

The ideal is to accustom the child to tea without sugar and sweeteners – in fact, it is not advisable to give any type of sugary drink before the first year of life. It is also worth remembering that the consumption of honey, considered a more natural sweetener, is only allowed for children older than one year.

Ideally, teas should be consumed away from mealtime, not to take an appetite, and without adding sweeteners. “In the case of people over six months of age, tea can be offered as a sleep routine when going to bed, always remembering the importance of brushing teeth after eating any food before bed,” he explains. the pediatrician. Still, it is worth consulting your child’s doctor to find out what the recommended daily amount is, according to his age.

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