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Coach reveals how she transformed the body of the Tomb Raider actress

Actress Alicia Vikander spared no sweat to become the powerful Lara Croft

In the film, Lara Croft faces several barriers on an island near Japan to unravel the mysterious death of her father. Like the character, the Swedish actress  Alicia Vikander is not afraid to challenge limits in real life: for seven months, she went through a  preparation with great intensity to embody the protagonist of the film Tomb Raider – The Origin , produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, which opens March 15 in Brazil.

In the world of both, there are endless sequences of punches and kicks ,climbing, swimming and a very tight abdomen.

“Before the beginning of the recordings, I sat down with Alicia to outline the characters’ abilities and characteristics. Strength, agility and well-marked muscles were some of them, “says personal trainer and nutritionist Magnus Lygdbäck the GOOD SHAPE.

It would not be easy to change the actress’s slim body, but never impossible – even more so for a Tomb Raider! To begin with, the coach bets on bodybuilding, MMA, swimming, running , archery and climbing, modalities that are part of the reality of the character Lara Croft.

“After four months, we intensified training at the gym: 40 minutes of HIIT in the morning and 45 minutes of strengthening exercises at night,” says Magnus. “Since Alicia had been a dancer for years, I knew she was used to practicing rigorous physical activity for hours.”

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The result: 5.5 pounds more of muscle and enough force to do dozens of pushups, jumps, burpees and fixed bar (a move that the actress had never been able to do before).

No savings in the dish

To intensify the result in the abdomen, Alicia followed a food plan created by Magnus, who is also a nutritionist . “We cut sugar and white flour, but she never starved because she ate five times a day,” he said.

The rule is simple: every 20 meals, three can be free (pizza, barbecue, beer, cake …). “Maintaining a healthy life is not about limitations. You need a balanced mind to be happy, “says Magnus. Below, check out the example of a day from the actress’s menu.

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  • 3 eggs + 1 type of vegetable (like mushroom, onion, spinach)

Snack 1

  • 1/2 avocado with mango or 2 boiled eggs


  • 1 protein (such as meat or fish)
  • 1 serving of quinoa , black rice or cooked potatoes
  • Vegetable salad

Snack 2

  • Sushis or bean salad with lemon sauce


  • Same as lunch


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