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Daughter of Fernanda Rodrigues donates hair to children with cancer

“She put that goal in her life and it was the most beautiful thing to see,” commented Mom, proud of the little girl’s gesture.

To have a child is to experience a mix of feelings daily, is not it? But the fact is that often the little ones are able to surprise us positively. This Wednesday, 07, the presenter and actress Fernanda Rodrigues shared a series of photos of her little Luisa. The mother said that the 8-year-old first-timer decided to cut her hair in order to donate them to an institution that helps cancer patients .

“After almost a year of goal, she was able to accomplish [that] will. Very proud of you, my daughter, “said the artist in the publication. She took the opportunity to show all the stages of the process: the moment when the child’s hair was prepared by the hairdresser, her reaction was soft when she saw the new look and when she deposited her ponytail in the case of  the Laço Rosa Foundation .

In the Instagram stories, Fernanda said the idea came after the little girl saw a story in the Globe’s Huck Caldeirão program , which showed girls who had their hair cut to make wigs for the patients who have the disease. From this, Luisa told her mother that she wanted to do the same and, as it is usually necessary to donate at least 10 centimeters of hair, the little one waited for the strands to grow.

“She put that goal in her life and it was the most beautiful thing to see. People were saying that the hair was big because it was really huge, and some friends even implied it, but she kept going and said ‘I’m going to grow because I’m going to give’ , “she said. She further stated that her daughter showed no insecurity at any point in time.

“She was not worried [thinking] how she was going to stay, what people would talk about. And throughout the cut, Luisa was thrilled to say, ‘Oh, my God, I was able to do it. I’m going to help other children, ‘ “revealed an excited mother. The official page of the Laço Rosa Foundation also highlighted the goodwill of the little girl and published a statement on the case.

“When we see children, so small and already so gigantic in their gestures of solidarity, we get excited and we gain even more breath to move on. Our wish is to personally thank each child who donates his hair to make another child smile, but we do not always succeed, so we want to thank Luisa, thank you also to all the little giants who donate to the Pink Ribbon. “


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