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Five Ways to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing
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Most of us make promise to ourselves to take care of our body by doing exercise daily or by going to gym. Some of us are also able to complete that but in taking care of our physical body we mostly ignore our mental health. To have good mental health is also important as having good physical health. Our total health consists of both physical as well as our mental health so we will tell you about five ways to improve mental health and wellbeing. Wellbeing is a condition of our mind in which we feels our self-confidence, happy. Wellbeing means our mind has a good and positive attitude.

The most common cause of mental problems like depression and anxiety is not having good mental health or wellbeing which sometimes also forces people to suicide. If we have good mental wellbeing we will be able to achieve more success in life. If you have good mental health then it is not difficult for you to deal with negative emotions and stress.

Five Ways to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing


  • You have heard this that human is a social animal and it needs to be socialized.
  • It means that humans are not made to live alone.
  • Talk and connect with others like your family members, relatives and friends.
  • According to study it is found that people who are connected to others have less mental problems as connecting with others make you happy, confident and also teach you many new things.
  • It is one of the best ways out of five ways to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Always Learn

  • If you always try to learn something new it will make your mind healthy as learning is a exercise for a healthy brain so never stop learning.
  • In your free time you can perform your hobbies or learn something like cooking, painting or anything which you like.
  • Learning doesn’t mean simply take your school notebooks and start learning answers. You have to learn something practical.

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  • It is an important way out of five ways to improve mental health and wellbeing because it improves your both physical as well as mental health.
  • Try to be more physically active like choose stairs instead of using lift or take 10 minutes from your busy schedule for exercise.
  • While performing physical exercises our brain releases many chemicals which make us happy and more confident.

Helping Others

  • It is found that our daily work makes our mental health.
  • Helping or giving someone even in small amount can give smile not only to them but also makes us happy.
  • You can help others by saying them thank you or donating to a charity or sharing your things with your friends or relatives.
  • So find someone who really needs your help.


  • Sometimes you feel much happy in small experiences because you notice them or feel them.
  • Try to notice even small things which can give you smile.
  • These things can be green plants in park or the feeling of people around you or even you can enjoy your daily route of your work by changing it.

CONCLUSION: Having a good mental health or wellbeing is same important as having good physical health but many people ignores their mental health because they only works for their physical health which leads to depression and anxiety.

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