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Hair: How To Take The Greenish Caused By Pool Water

Blondes also have the right to enjoy summer without weight in their conscience!

Fact: Light hair does not get any good with swimming pool – the numerous chemical agents used to keep the water in good condition do a damn harm to the wires. More porous in nature, the blond and white easily absorb chlorine, hypochlorous acid and calcium hypochlorite present there. But it is the copper sulphate, also present in the formula, the great villain of the platinadas . “The longer the metal gets deposited in the wicks, the greater the power to green them,” says the dermatologist from Rio de Janeiro Renata Marques.

The change in color is even more common in people who have undergone some chemical process, such as presenter Rafa Brites . She bet on a popular home-made technique to undo the unwanted effect: applying milk to the affected areas – but it has to be the full version! “The fat present in milk has the power to remove particles of copper sulphate,” explains cosmetologist and trichologist Cris Dios, from São Paulo. Aspirin diluted in warm water also helps in removing the pigment. “Just dissolve eight tablets in a liter of water,” teaches Renata Marques.

Those who do not enjoy homemade recipe can invest in a good anti-waste shampoo and avoid purple products that make the problem worse. And how to prevent is always better than cure, our best tip is to soak your hair with mineral water before and after diving in the pool – with the wet wires, a lesser amount of copper sulphate can penetrate the wires and your chances of ending the summer with green hair drastically decrease.


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