How Much Should Babies Eat?

January 13, 2018 By admin

How Much Should Babies Eat?

A new study from The University College has shown that overweight babies have diets similar to those of normal weight but eat more

Some parents are giving babies larger portions of food than needed, according to new research from The University College in London. The study analyzed routine feeding data for 2564 infants between 4 and 18 months in relation to how many meals they consumed per day and the size of the dish .

Researchers realized that overweight children were eating larger than normal-weight dishes, an average of 141 calories consumed, compared to 130 calories. “The study suggests that the frequency with which they feed has no impact on weight and it is not as if the parents of overweight babies were giving a bar of chocolates to their children . The truth is they eat larger portions, “Hayley Syrad, the study’s author, told the BBC.

Many parents do not see the fact that the child is a “chubby baby” as something negative , but care must be taken because poor eating habits in the early years can have lifelong consequences. The clinical nutritionist at the Sepaco Hospital, Marcia Camargo Fanti, warns that forcing the child to “shave the plate” is not a healthy habit. “This thinking makes the little ones believe that they should eat until they can not take it anymore and can cause eating disorders and even obesity,” he explains.

It is necessary to respect when the child states that he is satisfied and to create a feeding routine at which times are respected and there are no distractions, such as TV connected, to ensure a sufficient number of meals. It is also advisable to guide the child to eat slowly so that she can gradually recognize her level of satiety.

There are still few health agency recommendations regarding how much babies should eat, as this varies greatly in relation to the type of food and lifestyle of the family. However, the Health System of England announces some suggestions on its website. The agency says parents should start serving small portions and let their children ask for more if they are still hungry. It also directs that children’s meals are not served on adult dishes as this is an incentive for overdone portions.


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