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How to Get Fair and Glowing Skin at Home in 7 Days
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We all want to get a fair and glowing skin and make your skin color brighter. We cannot blame anyone or ourselves for our skin color. But we can know how to get fair and glowing skin at home in 7 days and make our skin brighter than before. You are thinking that there are many creams available in market which gives us instant brightness then why don’t we use these home ideas. Then I want to tell you that these creams contain many harmful compounds which many have side effects on your skin. These home ideas for glowing skin are safe as well as give you fair and glowing skin permanently. It is the dream of every girl and women to get a good glowing skin.

Sometimes there are various factors or causes which also make our skin dark and take its glow. These include not having nutritional diet, lot of stress, pollution, consumption of alcohol and smoking. It is difficult or almost impossible for you to avoid these but possible to use these home ideas.

How to Get Fair and Glowing Skin at Home in 7 Days


    • It is the first way to make your skin glower and fair.
    • In morning use a cleanser to clean your skin so that excess dirt, dust and oil if present in your skin can be removed.
  • It is an important step for knowing how to get fair and glowing skin at home in 7 days.

Face Pack of Banana and Milk

  • As you know that banana and milk both has many nutritional values.
  • These are also good for bones, hair and skin.
  • Apply some mashed banana on your face and you can also pour some milk in it.
  • This idea is best for glowing and fair skin.

Mixing Peels of Mango and Milk

  • Mango peels have beneficial properties for skin.
  • Grind them with milk and apply this paste on your face for few minutes.

Foods with Vitamin C

  • Foods which have a good content of vitamin C are good for our skin like lemon.
  • These foods give a glow to your skin.
  • Adding these fruits in your diet will be really good for your skin.

Plenty of Water

  • Sometimes our skin becomes dry which is also cause by not drinking sufficient water.
  • Water removes toxins from our body.

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Rose Water

  • Take and some rose water and mix some raw milk with it.
  • Apply this on your face before sleeping.
  • In morning you can see its benefits and your glowing skin.
  • Rose water is also available in market in form of spray.
  • It is also used as a cleanser.

Good Sleep

  • As I told you above stress is also a reason of dark skin.
  • When we take stress and do not take proper sleep it makes our face look like tired and dull.
  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep will remove this dullness from your face and make it glowing again.

These above explained ideas told you how to get fair and glowing skin at home in 7 days?

CONCLUSION: Many factors like taking stress, lack of proper sleep makes our skin to look dull and dark. By using market creams give only us temporary brightness but side effects also.

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