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How to Improve Mental Health Care Lgbt Youth
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Suppose if you are of 17 years and your family, friends and relatives ignores you and your parents told you to get out of house and don’t support you. Something like this happens with LGBT group people.  This behavior of people towards them affects their mind and also makes them depressed. So here it is explained that how to improve mental health care LGBT youth. LGBT means group of those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. I had seen myself or maybe you also that many people see these LGBT youth people in a bad away and also make fun of them.  They are also like us normal and have right to live. Now government has also made many rules for LGBT for giving them their rights.

According to research it is found that out of 10 LGBT persons 5 are suffering with depression in which we had also contributed somewhere by making bad comments on them. Because of the bullying behavior which they face every day by us also takes them towards use of drugs.

How Mentally Lgbt Youth Is Affected

Committing Suicide

  • Committing suicide is now becoming common in LGBT youth because of harassment they faced by us.
  • This bullying behavior or harassment forces them to suicide.
  • If we see it is actually a murder not suicide which is done by us and our comments.


  • The individuals from LGBT youth who do not suicide take support of drugs to face our comments or our behavior towards them.
  • It is found that about 25% of persons from LGBT youth use drugs.

How to Improve Mental Health Care LGBT Youth

Support of Friends

  • If you have any your friend of LGBT youth then give him your support and tell them you are always with him.
  • Keep his identity a secret if telling to others can cause him harm or depressed.
  • It is one of the best ways for how to improve mental health care LGBT youth because you are giving him support.

Accept Yourself

  • Accept yourself and don’t be afraid because you had not done a crime and it is not in your hands to make yourself.
  • Don’t think about it much and stark thinking and working for your good future.

Same as Others

  • Remember that you are also like others.
  • You can also enjoy or do any other activities which others can.
  • LGBT members also enjoy their life and make their career successful so don’t think that you are different from others.

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Make a Diary

  • Take a diary and mention your all day in it if you are having a bad day also mention that in it because writing all about negative things will help you to gain energy and confidence again.

Use of Social Websites

  • Follow other LGBT youth in social websites.
  • It will tell you that there are many others like you.
  • Only add those who are like you or are in your support and also block report for bad comments.

In above article you can read about various ways for how to improve mental health care LGBT youth. These ways can help them to get their confidence back and they can also feel normal like others.

CONCLUSION: LGBT youth people are also normal like us but due some people pass negative comments on them and also have bad behavior to them which is disturbing their mental health due to which they are committing suicides or using drugs.

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