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How to Prevent Lung Cancer After Quitting Smoking
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Smoking is one of the habits which give us many diseases from coughing to even cancer which is a life threatening disease. Everybody knows that smoking is bad for our health and due to this many smokers become ex-smokers means they quit it. Even then they may have chances or risk of lung cancer. All those ex-smokers know how to prevent lung cancer after quitting smoking. Sometimes your bad and old habits gets away from your but not their effects. Whether now you are living a healthy lifestyle even then you can have a chance of getting cancer. So reduce it by these ideas in our article.

Coughing, loss in weight and difficulty in breathing are some symptoms of lung cancer. Every year lung cancer takes lives of several individuals. Smoking is one of the most common reasons of lung cancer and it can also happen to people who mostly remain in contact with people who are smoking around them. If you quit smoking it means you are reducing your chances of having cancer but they are only reduced not finished.

How to Prevent Lung Cancer After Quitting Smoking

Avoid Smokers

  • Try to avoid contact with smokers especially when they are smoking as that smoke also contains harmful cancer causing chemicals.
  • Stop people from smoking in public areas as smoking in public areas is also a crime.
  • It is an effective way of how to prevent lung cancer after quitting smoking because you are avoiding smoke directly.

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Involve in Exercise

  • Performing exercise daily will help you to improve your lung efficiency and also eliminates waste from your lungs.
  • Adults should do about 1 to 2 hours of exercise daily.
  • This method directly prevents our lungs from getting cancer.

Take Fruits and Vegetables

  • For preventing any disease even cancer strong immunity is required.
  • Adding plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals will help in giving you a stronger immune system.
  • Avoid packed and canned foods.
  • It is an effective way how to prevent lung cancer after quitting smoking because doing this cancer will stay away from you.

Radon Home Test

  • When uranium, radium in rocks are decayed they release radon.
  • Radon contains chemicals which damage lungs and increases chances of lung cancer.

Green Tea

  • If you want to make your lungs like before they were smoking consume green tea.
  • Taking green tea is good idea for repairing lung cells.

Take Alcohol in Moderate Quantity

  • Taking moderate quantity of alcohol can reduce the chances of cancer.
  • It is also true that that taking excess of alcohol also increases chances of lung cancer.

Avoid Pollution

  • Try to come as less as possible in contact with air pollution.
  • Always use mask before going outside.
  • People working with chemicals or in mines are more prone to lung cancer.

These are some above methods by which you can avoid lung cancer if you have quit smoking and no matter for how long you smoked?

CONCLUSION: Smoking is a habit which destroys mostly our all cells so it should be quitted today. If you had quit it then there are also chances of lung cancer which can be prevented by these ideas.

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