Humanized delivery brings benefits to mother and baby

January 17, 2018 By admin

Humanized delivery brings benefits to mother and baby

Humanized delivery: experts explain the concept. Bath tub in labor room minimizes pain of contractions by 70%. Check out!

Birth is a unique moment, but what innovations guarantee comfort for the mother and quality of life for those who are coming into the world? Incredibly, it is not the technology that has emerged as the best solution, but rather the humanized birth, which combines the minimum of medical interventions at birth with a very special environment.

According to the obstetrician Paulo Marinho, a professor at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Uni-Rio) and medical director of the Perinatal MaternityLaranjeiras, , humanized childbirth can be considered the great revolution. “The term defines a less automated and medicalized attitude before, during and after birth. The concept treats this moment as a common situation, in which interventional actions such as cesareans, apparent equipment and excess professionals must be restricted to the complications of gestation “says the doctor.

Humanization strengthens the baby’s immune system

According to obstetrician Alberto d’Auria, who composes the maternity board Pro Matre Paulista, in São Paulo, the cesarean section can also be humanized. “As soon as the baby is born, the baby should be placed close to the mother’s breast, regardless of the way it came into the world. Even if the baby does not want to suckle, the attitude decreases the level of tension for the child, enhances his immunity and stimulates appetite for the initiation of breastfeeding. These are benefits that can not be ignored, “says the obstetrician.

Paulo Marinho explains that “there is a number, not a small number, of problems in childbirth due to the excess of interventions called the iatrogenic complications include early caesarean sections, anesthetic complications, exaggerated hair loss that generates infections, excessive noise during birth, thus impairing the concentration and even the mental health of the mother, among others.Therefore, the minimization of interventions brings good benefits for mother and child. “

Bath has reduced the pain of contractions by 70%

For Alberto d’Auria, the bathtub in the humanized delivery rooms is an important innovation, even though the birth is not carried out in the water. “At the height of the contractions, the warm water reduces the pain by 70%. It also relaxes the cervix and facilitates the baby’s exit,” says the specialist.

The climate of specific rooms for humanized labor also stimulates quiet birth. According to Alberto d’Auria, “humanized delivery rooms are similar to apartments, with low light, sofa and bath, where the family and the pregnant woman can feel comfortable, without giving up security. The technology only comes into play at the time of anesthesia, when sliding panels release the equipment. ” He also reminds that humanized delivery rooms are only seconds away from modern operating rooms if a cesarean section is required.


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