“I felt a lot of guilt”, Avers mother who admits to having smoked during pregnancy

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“I felt a lot of guilt”, Avers mother who admits to having smoked during pregnancy

General Information – Dayna Allen, 25, made her public experience to encourage other pregnant women to quit

Dayna Allen, 25, of New Zealand decided to make her cigarette experience public during pregnancy to raise awareness among other mothers about the problem. In an interview with NZ Stuff, she says she became pregnant for the first time at age 19 but could not shake off her addiction.

Because of this, her placenta was of a smaller size than adequate and full of black spots, which led to Tayla, the first-born of Dayna, to be hospitalized for oxygen only a few hours after birth. The New Zealand woman says she smoked about 10 cigarettes a day.

“It was terrible, I felt very guilty,” Allen told the site. “You do not understand the gravity of what you’re doing until something like this happens to you. It was a habit and addiction was very strong, but I decided I would not let it happen again.”

Today, Tayla is a busty 5 year old girl and did not get any sequels. Although her mother tried to quit smoking many times after the firstborn’s birth, she was only able to quit when she discovered that she was pregnant for the second time. The aid of the New Zealand organization ‘ Once and For All ‘, which offers support for those who want to quit smoking, was fundamental.

“I have friends who are pregnant and continue to smoke and I want to tell them they need to stop,” Dayna said. “I saw firsthand the negative effects of the cigarette and now that I’m not smoking I can see more clearly the harm he brings.”

In the belly, blood circulation is shared between mother and child, so if the pregnant woman smokes, the child is exposed to nicotine. The substance has the ability to decrease the caliber of arteries responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen to the fetus, thus slowing its growth and favoring congenital malformations, such as cleft lip, as well as digestive and respiratory complications.

For those who want to avoid the ill effects of cigarette smoking during pregnancy, the ideal is to tell the problem to the obstetrician, seek a psychologist and get help from a support group in your area. The University Hospital of the USP (SP), for example, offers a program for this purpose.


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