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You Do Not Have To Be Wonder Woman

We women have a habit of accumulating functions, whether at home or at work. See practical tips to minimize the situation

Do not freak out! You do not have to be Wonder Woman. Breathe and cover yourself less.

We women have a habit of accumulating functions, whether at home or at work. To prove this, I always hear: “I’m tired”, “I do not give a lot of things”, “my day does not yield enough”, “I’m always anxious”.

We move out of the home environment and into the business world, but we still carry on the task of “feminine” tasks. According to the ILO (International Labor Organization), women work 7.5 hours a week more than men, including domestic chores.

In addition to this scenario, we have an image of superheroines attributed to us (not in a good way) and therefore we can account for everything. We add to this equation the fact that we tend to charge each other and compare with each other all the time, which creates more anxiety, more guilt, more stress, and the circle is formed.

But how can I get out of this? I’ll give you some practical tips that can help minimize this problem:

  1. Take no more responsibility than you will realize.  Your day is not going to increase. Set priorities and do not create a daily list with 20 tasks to do, because in the end you will be frustrated that you have not been able to do all of them. Choose at most 3 items that depend solely on you.
  2. Use technology to your advantage.  Get organized with digital calendars, leave your documents scanned and always up-to-date, so you can access from anywhere. This makes your life much easier.
  3. Share the chores with your partner.  Negotiate who will do what and distribute the task as the responsibility of each, not just delegating, otherwise, even if you do not participate, you will have to coordinate.
  4. Have focus.  Whether it’s working in large corporations or in your company, focus on what’s important and participate directly, delegating the other activities. We tend to focus on the urgent issues that consume our day, and we leave the important ones aside. Focus also helps us to feel less anxious.
  5. Learn to delegate tasks.  Delegating requires training. Believe me, nobody does anything like the other person. So accept that people will not do exactly as you want and value their work. So you can avoid stress and each one performs his task in the best way.
  6. Organize yourself visually.  Put the main tasks of the week in a frame, in an area that everyone usually sees. At home it could be the kitchen, for example, and distribute responsibilities, engaging your family.
  7. Create and accept a support network.  No one can do it all by themselves. Think of people you can count on: family, close friends. They can share simple tasks with you. Take and pick up children at school and activities, for example. It is important to have people who can support you.

Remember the message that is given when you travel by plane: “If there is depressurising, masks will fall and you should put it first on yourself and then on the person next to you.” This means that to help others, you must first be well. Take time to take care of yourself, your physical and emotional health and create your moments: it can be a meeting with friends, a relaxing therapy, exercises. No matter what, but rather you feel happy and without the anxiety of needing to always meet others and then you.


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