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The Nutrients That Give The Most Energy To Women , According To Study

Scientists say they have discovered the right mix of substances for them to get better at exercise

Completing certain exercises can make it easier for the womanizer soon. Researchers at Ohio State University in the United States have created a nutritious combination that performance of volunteers. They were 18 to 30 years old and practiced, on average, two to three hours of physical activity per week, especially running .

To get an idea, the portion that took the new supplement for a month (they mixed the powder to a drink of their choice) managed to reduce in five minutes the time required to run five kilometers. In addition, it covered longer distances by cycling for 25 minutes and exhibited better results in a bank climb-up test.

According to the authors of the research, all changes were statistically significant and did not occur in the placebo group – that is, they received a supplement without the nutrient mix.

Okay, but what’s in that supplement?

The product consists of a mixture of iron, copper and zinc minerals, as well as carnitine (derived from an amino acid) and phosphatidylserine (obtained from fatty acids and amino acids).

“I decided to start with minerals that are normally missing in the body and brought a supporting cast. These other two nutrients, needed by cells, are made by our body, but they also come from the food we eat, “Robert DiSilvestro, the lead author of the experiment , explained to the university website.

“We know that mainly young women are generally micro nutrient deficiencies and that these elements make a difference in the functioning of the cells during exercise,” he added.


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