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Positive and Negative Points and Tips For The New Year of Pisces

The zodiacal cycle begins on Sunday (18)

The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on Sunday (18), at 2:17 p.m. The last sign of the zodiac , serene and peaceful, is also creative and original. Capable of doing everything for other people, Pisceans are charismatic and attentive, but end up forgetting their own lives. The Pisces sign encloses the zodiac because it represents the highest level of awareness and ability to love.

Positive points: intuitive, generous, creative, detached, emotional. 
Negative points: disperse, disorganized, exaggerated, confused, influential.

Element: Water 
Color: Blue and White 
Planet: Neptune 
Day of the Week: Monday and Friday 
Number: 7 and 9 
Stone: Aquamarine 
Perfume: Myrrh

Fish Phrases:

“Life is built in dreams and concretized in love” – ​​Chico Xavier

“Love is a force that transforms destiny” – Chico Xavier

“All noble souls have compassion as their common point” – Schiller

“It does not matter the judgement of the others. Beings are so contradictory that it is impossible to satisfy them. Keep in Mind Simply Being Authentic and True “- Dalai Lama

About Pisces: The Piscean imagination is great, as is its detachment and desire to help everyone. Of a peaceful nature, it can disperse and lose its course due to the problems of others. Sign of the element water, it oscillates in its emotions and the calm sea turns into tsunami in few minutes. When in balance, it is the source of love, compassion, and understanding to all other people.

Tips for Pisces in 2018: Under the influence of Neptune, planet ruling the sign itself, Pisces live in a phase where they accept themselves better and exploit their qualities without fear of criticism from others. They should take care of their health, avoiding chronic problems, considering that contact with the arts and creativity can be good remedies. Expansion and professional recognition, good friendships, favoring studies and travel resolved at the top of the hour.

Pisces loves to help other people. They are the great donors of the zodiac. Therefore, they must also cultivate inner peace, living in a peaceful environment. They love all artistic expression, especially music, dance and cinema. They want to take time to reflect on their experiences.

What Pisces detests: Tensed environments, competitiveness and pressure to accelerate the pace or make decisions very quickly. Pisces absorb all the energies around. Therefore, in a quiet environment, they will also be serene and peaceful. In nervous environments, they tend to pick up negative energies and can easily stress.

Some famous piscianos: Steve Jobs, Ana Hickmann, Sharon Stone, Carol Castro, Carlos Vereza, Juca de Oliveira, Julia Lemmertz, Débora Falabella, Giovana Antonelli, Marcos Caruso, Aracy Balabanian, Nívea Maria, Regina Casé, Luan Santana, Marjorie Estiano, Mateus Solano, Edson Celulari, Hebe Camargo, Elis Regina, Glauber Rocha, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Daniel Craig, Juliette Binoche, Albert Einstein, Mario Sergio Cortella, Milton Cunha.


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