Scientists Stumble Upon key to prevent miscarriage and poor training in pregnancy

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Scientists Stumble Upon key to prevent miscarriage and poor training in pregnancy

Disclaimer – According to a new Australian survey, increasing the intake of one type of vitamin in the first trimester of pregnancy makes all the difference

Australian scientists have identified an important weapon against spontaneous abortion, a ghost that haunts pregnancy – in Australia alone, one in four women has a spontaneous abortion. The secret may lie in vitamin B3. 

According to a study by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine , a deficiency in the molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is one of the leading causes of miscarriages and may also cause birth defects in infants. The researchers also identified a possible way to combat it.

“After 12 years of work, our team has discovered that this deficiency can be cured and birth defects prevented by taking a common vitamin, B3,” explains Professor Sally Dunwoodie, principal investigator at the Institute. 

Vitamin B3

The study showed that although vitamin B3 is present in green meats and vegetables, at least one-third of pregnant women have low levels of vitamin D3 during the first trimester, a critical period for the development of the baby’s organs. Increasing intake at this stage may be crucial to avoiding complications.

During the research, laboratory mice that had the deficiency were treated with B3 and had surprising results: both miscarriages and malformations were completely eliminated and the embryos developed healthily.

“Just as we already use folic acid to prevent neural tube formation problems, the research suggests that it is probably best for women to start taking vitamin B3 early, even before they become pregnant,” said Professor Robert Graham, director executive of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. 


In the opinion of the gynecologist and obstetrician Domingos Mantelli, author of the book Gestation: Myths and Truths under Obstetrics (Ed. Segmento Farma), the study is an advance and proves the importance of the supplementation during pregnancy, healthy food does not meet any nutritional deficiencies.

“The benefits of vitamin B3 have been known for a long time: it is one of those responsible for the immune enhancement of the body. The important thing, however, is for the pregnant woman to always talk to the obstetrician to find out what her needs are, “he says.

In addition to vitamin B3, Mantelli reminds us that there are other important vitamins during the gestational period, such as B9, omega 3, zinc and magnesium.


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