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The Fattening Apple

Forget the chocolate or the wafer: expert suggests that obesity can be caused by a very specific apple, invented in the 21st century

First of all, I confess my total dependence on this apple . When I put my hands on my first apple of the type, I looked suspiciously. But, as we do with food, we risk it a little, realize its characteristics, and finally get addicted.

I’ll give you some tips: this apple belongs to the 21st century, it completely changed the lives of millions of people … and it’s not a food, even though it’s already used to refill the refrigerator and ensure lunch or dinner. Calm down, if you still do not understand me, you’ll find out what I mean.

Much is being debated today about which foods would respond to obesity on the planet. The elect are as varied as possible, such as chocolates, soft drinks, biscuits, pasta, hamburger . Colombian painter Fernando Botero , famous for his chubby pictures of women in the 20th century, would have a futuristic view of obesity in a period where the above foods were not consumed like today? Certainly not.

In addition, the fad of diets does not stop to renew itself . Each season there is a – but none offers prolonged or sustainable results to the vast majority of the population. Otherwise, the world would be thinner, right?

If the responsibility for obesity is not one or the other food (and not even just the food as a whole), who pays that bill then? Answer: that apple!

Now get your phone out of your pocket. He may not even have such an apple drawn in the back, but most likely it’s a smartphone. That was what I meant.

The modern world found itself in mobile electronic devices that pay bills without going to the bank, call the taxi without walking to the point, shop without visiting the supermarket. Oh, and I almost forgot: they also make calls from any corner of the planet and at any time without the need for a payphone (for the younger generation, I’m talking about a device fixed in public places and that you put COINS to talk to your friends Believe me, that exists!).


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