Vero: all the polemics behind the social network of the moment

March 7, 2018 By admin

Vero: all the polemics behind the social network of the moment

Machismo, back wages, corruption histories and more!

In recent days, a new social network with much potential to replace Facebook made noise on the internet . With no ads and feeds arranged in chronological order, Vero promises a more real connection with users. The app added up to over 500,000 downloads in the first few days of release, but new discoveries about the company have caused several netizens to abandon their accounts and request the end of the platform .

Those who enter Vero’s website and look for the names of the company’s employees face a certain “curiosity”: there is only one woman on the team . Designer  Suraya Dodge is the only female member of the 22 men running the team . With this scenario, it is very difficult to believe that the company offers an equal and healthy space for women. Is Suraya’s voice really heard during the meetings?

In addition, one of the faces behind the Vero has a controversial history, which has only now surfaced. Ayman Hariri, founder and CEO of the social network, is a Lebanese billionaire who was also executive vice president of Saudi Oger, a former family-owned construction company. His father, Rafic Al Hariri, was the Prime Minister of Lebanon and involved in a number of corruption scandals during his years in office. Rafic was killed in a car bomb blast in 2005.

By the time Ayman was in the administration, Saudi Oger received more than 31,000 complaints from employees who did not receive their salaries . These workers were forced to live in overcrowded camps and many of them stated that food, water and medical care were denied by the company.

The situation was so critical that the Saudi Arabian government decided to provide basic food baskets and other necessary supplies to the employees who came from poor regions and were unable to support the families without the money. Still without paying the debts, Saudi Oger filed for bankruptcy in September 2017 .

Until then, neither Ayman nor the company had spoken about the controversy. On the internet, the hashtag  #Delete Vero asks people to exclude the social network and not make a profit for a company and a macho entrepreneur.


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